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Creating a new home for our website...

Good evening all!

Recently we have been so busy! The home improvement market is going crazy and we love it! However, it does impede the progress of finishing up our website (newly created by MOPRO) as we're always out in the field or at the computer doing estimates, ordering parts and running errands (don't even mention the phone) while still making time to view new opportunities... I'm not complaining, not one bit!!!

I'm very fortunate to have a great crew working for me. When I'm too busy they completely handle the hard work of it all. We work as a team and let me tell you my guys are amazing! Hardworking, dedicated, loyal and honest!!! I truly couldn't ask for a greater team to work with! Thanks guys :)

Mainly I (we) wanted to let you know that my sister/bookkeeper is going to help me keep up the "social" side of our new website... More than likely she'll be doing the majority of it, with my input of course, so if you notice some wrong "terminology" just remember she's definitely NOT in construction! wink wink

On that note I'll close for now... Have a good evening! Catch you on the flip side :-)